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Our Carpet Cleaning Service

We all love the carpeting in our homes. It gives our décor color, texture and dimension, helps to reduce sound and even keep our homes feeling warmer. However, cleaning that carpeting when the need arises can be a time consuming chore with somewhat iffy results. The carpet cleaning machines that are available for rent often are not in the best working condition and may leak dirty water back onto your carpeting leaving dirty streaks or barely cleaning at all. In addition, those chemical carpet cleaning products that usually are made to be used with rental carpet cleaners leave behind an unpleasant scent and a toxic residue that could be unhealthy for your children and pets.

Here at Mineola Carpet Cleaning we will clean your carpeting for you leaving it clean and without any toxic odors or residue all you will get is clean and fresh smelling carpeting that feels soft to the touch and looks almost brand new!

Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Service

You may be wondering why our carpet cleaning services leaves your carpeting so much cleaner than rental machines. For starters our state of the art cleaning equipment is not only designed for commercial use is the best equipment that money can buy, it is also frequently inspected and well maintained so it always functions the way it is meant to function. There is no dirty water leaking back onto your carpeting and our steam cleaners will lift dirt even buried down at the roots of your carpet fibers.

Another reason why your carpeting is cleaner when you hire our services is because we use only organic cleaning products which are tough on dirt, stains and odors, but won’t leave behind that dulling powdery film that some chemical cleaners leave behind. In addition our organic cleaners are safer for children and pets than chemical cleaners and don’t leave behind any chemical fumes for you and your family to breathe in.

The thrid reason that our carpet cleaning service is superior to renting a machine is that our carpet cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained by us in the correct way to use our state of the art carpet cleaning equipment and our green products. They also are trained to recognize common stains and odors and know what to do to eliminate those stains and odors leaving your carpeting cleaning and fresher.

We Provide Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

We are also proud to be able to offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. So whether you rent a small apartment, own your own home, manage a huge apartment complex or simply own or manage a business that has carpeting that need a good cleaning periodically we can meet your need to have your carpeting cleaned.

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