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Our Mattress Cleaning Services

If you are having difficulty sleeping or staying asleep at night or if you wake up in the middle of night coughing or sneezing or feeling short of breath and your doctor can’t find anything medically wrong with you the problem may be you are sleeping on a dirty mattress.

We spend at least 1/3 of our lives in our bed, yet when it comes it cleaning our bedroom mattresses tend to be the most overlooked item in the home when it comes to cleaning. Sure many people use mattress pad’s and vacuum their mattresses frequently and even rotate their mattress to increase it’s longevity and help keep clean and while vacuuming and mattress pads will help to keep your mattress clean longer eventually your mattress will accumulate dirt, dust, pollen and a host of other unsavory things than can disrupt your sleep and even affect your breathing.

A Dirty Mattress Decreased Your Bedroom Air Quality

You may not be aware of it, but a dirty mattress actually lowers your bedroom air quality. When you toss or turn in your sleep loose dust and pollutants are thrown into the air, where they are recirculated over and over again by your heating and cooling system. You then breathe in these minute dust particles and pollens which can result in those middle of the night coughing or sneezing fits. These problems are worse if anyone in your home has respiratory problems such as allergies or has asthma.

In addition, body and hair oils, perspiration and other bodily fluids can soak into your mattress and produce odors you may not even be aware of when you are awake, but once you fall asleep these odors seem to magnify leaving you wake up not knowing why.

Benefits of Having Your Mattresses Cleaned

Experts recommend that you have your mattresses steamed cleaned two or three times to year to remove dirt, dust, pollens, pollutants and those faint odors. Home steam cleaners lack the power to deep clean your mattress and fail to be able to extract most of the moisture the steam puts into your mattress causing it to take hours or even days for your mattress to dry giving bacteria and mold an opportunity to grow.

Here at Mineola Carpet Cleaning our state of the art steam cleaners are powerful enough to reach deeper into your mattress than steam cleaners made for home use allowing them to remove more dirt, stains and odors. The powerful water extractors on our steam cleaner removes most of the moisture from the steam cleaning allowing your mattresses to dry faster resulting in last opportunity for bacteria and mold to grow.

Residential and Commercial Mattress Cleaning

We are more than happy to provide mattress cleaning services for both our residential and commercial customers. Whether you have a single bed apartment or run a bed and breakfast or hotel we will be more than happy to meet your mattress cleaning needs.

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