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Nothing Beats Experience and Training

We believe when it comes to cleaning upholstery, and with most things in life, nothing beats training and experience, which is why we personally train all of our cleaning technicians (including our upholstery technicians) ourselves. Since they are our representatives we want to make sure that they know their stuff and are as passionate about upholstery, carpet, and rug cleaning as we ourselves are. You can rest assured that we won’t send anyone to your home unless we are sure they have the knowledge and experience to your upholstery cleaning right.

Upholstery Cleaning Service

No matter what your income level upholstered furniture is not cheap and if have custom made upholstery on your upholstered furniture it is even more expensive. This makes it only natural for most of you to want that upholstered furniture to remain looking it’s best for as long as possible. Of course you do your best to keep your upholstery looking good by vacuuming it frequently but eventually dust, dirt and pollens begin to accumulate and cling to the oily deposits left by skin and hair oils and lotions. Your furniture may even accumulate spots and stains and even odors from various food that you have cooked, smoking in your home, or even perspiration.

For most people the thought of cleaning their upholstered furniture is a bit overwhelming. Not only is most upholstered furniture large and bulky, each type of upholstery fabric needs to be cleaned in a certain way using the right cleaning products or you could end up with your furniture looking worse after you clean it than it before you tried to remove the dirt, stains and odors.

Improper cleaning of upholstery fabrics can result in running or faded colors, uneven cleaning and even ugly water spots. However, cleaning your upholstery doesn’t have to leave you feeling worried or insecure. Simply give us a call at Mineola Carpet cleaning and we will be more than happy to clean that upholstery for you.

Types of Upholstery We Clean

We clean all sizes and types of upholstered furniture from those cushioned dining room chairs to your largest living room sofa. We also clean all types of upholstery fabric including:

  Leather | Pleather
  Silk | Satin | Linen
  Cotton and cotton blends
  Velvet | Velour
  Polyester and polyester blends
  Custom made and mass produced

We’ll Do More than Just Your Upholstery

Because we are committed to helping you keep your home as clean as you want and deserve our upholstery cleaning technicians will clean more than just your upholstered furniture.

We will also clean your curtains, drapes, and those beautiful and colorful tapestries you have hanging on your wall.

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